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Time is running out… Lisa Lockhart​ and Louie need your help!

$3 of each Triple LLL jean purchased will be donated to a charity picked by you! Lisa and Louie would like to help out a charity for abused horses or children facing adversities.

***Please list the name of the charity you would like us to help out by commenting below… And by participating ONE lucky winner will be chosen to recieve their very own pair of the Triple LLL Jean! ***

Thank you for your help!

(Please submit by March 1st, 2015 11:59pm CST, our top charities will then go to a live vote, be sure to hang tight with us for more information)

Click link below if unable to submit answer:

10 Responses to Give Back

  1. Becky Evans says:

    Dreaming of Three is an awesome charity. They help children with cancer❤️

  2. Nothing means more to America than our heros.
    They need all they can when they come home.

  3. I have helped with the ride for life rodeo every year. I absolutely love it and it would just be amazing to have extra help for the amazing kids!

  4. Kylie Wells says:

    “Dreaming of Three”, This organization helps everything from kids in need to animals in need. They have sent hay out to CO to help horses during wildfires, raise awareness and monies for countless charities, take kids to experience their first rodeos, and raise monies to help with vet costs on numerous occasions. Also, The members of DO3 donate a piece of their winnings to a charity of theory choice which include animal rescues, cancer research, and the national heaet association.

  5. Brandy Fithen says:

    Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

    Amazing non profit org visiting people will illnesses of all ages bringing smiles and joy to them one mini at a time

  6. Brandy Fithen says:

    Ride for Life Rodeo also another amazing charity!! God Bless!!

  7. Dreaming of Three did not start out with any intentions of becoming a charity. It started when I lost my step father to cancer after a year long battle, then my father THREE months later to a heart attack. The barrel racing season afterwards, my mare and I finally were clicking, winning, placing. I imagine as I had more worries on my mind than worrying about knocking, or my time, I just rode hard. There I sat on my “dream horse” but yet Ifelt lost, not really thrilled, I imagine cause of all the losses. As I sat waiting to go into the arena one day, I thought about yet another person close to me struck with heart disease, and couldnt for the life of me figure out how to help, how to not feel so helpless with this all. Right then my mare reached around and nudged my foot. (most likely just wanting me off, but to me, a lightbulb went off). I thought this run, I run for Cancer Association and Heart Disease, Id donate my winnings! I won that day. So my following season I declared this is what I’d do. I created a Facebook page for my family and friends to follow my season. I needed a name, so thought well I always dream of 3 fast tight barrels, 3 months between my dad and step dad passing, a 3rd person struck with the diseases, and 3 charities I wanted to donate to. Cancer, Heart, Animal Rescues. I needed a profile picture. I tried some of just me, but decided to draw one myself. The Dreaming of Three logo is my handywork (if you want to call it that!), was supposed to represent me barrel racing, my dad and step dad as angels supporting me as I ran. I makeshifted a website too, for sponsors, supporters, etc.

    The first run out of my season for this, my mare was hurt. I literally cried. For days. As my plans just all went up in smoke. I couldn’t understand why it happened, but, through the tears, I kept thinking: borrow a friend’s horse (nope Im no pro, took me 10 years to click with my mare). So then thought ask a few friends to take my place. I did, and the response was enourmous. So I opened it up for all to join in, we called it TEAM DO3! People barrel racing to donate portions of their winnings. Then trail riders, english, even bull riders, wanted in, so we did a pledge per hour in the saddle, pledge per hour in the rodeo arena, etc. We grew fast.

    Next, being that when my step father was diagnosed in October, Christmas was around the corner. what do you get a man given 12-18 months to live. I decided the best thing for my mom and him, were memories. So, I got them Broadway tickets to their favorite show, dinner at Ruth Chris, and a hotel for the night. Mimicking this, is how Rodeo Kids was born the difference being, I thought since I was finally able to get my rodeo card, feeling I had a good enough horse, Id call upon the hospitality of my frineds, all the cowboys, cowgirls, clowns etc.., to make the night special for children with life threatening diseases and their families. I simply called it Rodeo Kids.

    After that, we were going pretty good, in Colorado we heard of the floods. Being we were a group, a Team now, we gathered together and got 600 bales of hay trucked out by another Team member to all the evacuated horses, held a tshirt sale to raise funds for a farm distroyed. Next we heard of a horse doused with accelerant and lit on fire, Northstar. We did another tshirt sale, and an auction. We raised over $15,000. At this point, I realized, if we continued on, I couldnt have all this in my personal account, so I filed for a 501c3 status. We continued doing such disaster relief efforts, Oklahoma Tornaoes raising over $7,000 and donating to Orr Family Farm and Horse Feathers Rescue that helped the horse owners, South Dakota Blizzards where we raised $7,000 to the Ranchers Relief Fund. We keep our eyes out for things like this to help the horse community when disasters strike.

    To date, TEAM DO3 and our disaster efforts, our fund raisers for rescues, etc, have raised over $90,000, we’ve taken 12 families with children with life threatening diseases to rodeos and they are still part of our DO3 familly.

    To win this contest, to have the exposure, I feel could really help the families in us giving them more. Cowgirl Tuff sponsors outfits for the children to wear, and it is so amazing to see that confidence when they put those clothes on. I’d like to start a scholarship fund for our Rodeo Kids, as haing a child fighting a disease depletes most savings, so college, is tough.

    So that is the story of Dreaming of Three. I feel although I was hit hard with the deaths of my father and step father, my mare getting hurt.. I certainly never gave up. From my heartache things turned into somethin wonderful and I’ve met so many great folks. We aren’t big, as mentioned I drew my own logo, I upkeep our website, we dont have a marketing team. Even the name is hard to find for barrel racers or horse people to “like” us on Facebook. (not cowgirl this or horse that). So simply our over 11,000 fans are true fans from seeing what we do first hand. As I didnt really think I would need to market anything when this all started. It was simply a way for me to not feel helpless any longer.

    Thank you for the opportunity for folks to learn more about us.

  8. Wendy Wiseman says:

    Its difficult to pick just anyone charity with so many that truly need help. I will have to go with Wounded Warrior Project. To lay ones life down for another is truly the sacrifice that enables us all to be able to give to the charities of our choice. May you all be blessed

  9. Angie Hamre says:

    Riding on Angels Wings is a therapeutic horseback riding center for children with disabilities in MN. This program is amazing and has touched so many lives.

  10. Hope Biddle says:

    What an amazing opportunity! My name is Hope Biddle and I am the Executive Director and Forensic Interviewer at The Buffalo Trace Children’s Advocacy Center in Maysville, Kentucky. My center proudly serves the Buffalo Trace region in Kentucky by providing a comprehensive, holistic, and multi-disciplinary approach to the investigation of child sexual assault. This approach includes: comprehensive child sexual abuse medical examinations performed by specially trained physicians; mental health screenings and counseling; video-taped forensic interviews, conducted in a child-friendly interview room; court and family advocacy services; and referral information. Our services are provided free of charge to children and families. We rely on grant funding and community fundraising to keep our doors open. Unfortunately, do to the nature of our work we aren’t able to put a face and a story out in the media to bring attention to our mission. Confidentiality is of utmost importance for our kids.This at times can hinder us trying to garner national attention for our center and centers like us. The mainstream media usually only reports on the high profile cases. The small town cases that we see day to day don’t make the headlines. It is astonishing the number of kids who are sexually abused by a member of their own family or someone they know very well. Those are the majority of the cases we deal with. Cases that are so difficult to prosecute. Our center works with community partners gathering information to assist with cases and more importantly work with children and non-offending caregivers to ensure that a child receives the counseling and support they need to cope with their trauma. Please consider our small nonprofit center as a charity that might benefit from your fundraiser. Visit to learn more. Thank you!

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